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Quick Facts

- Official Languages in Kosovo are Albanian and Serbian.

- Language of any community that constitutes five (5) per cent of the total population in any municipality will have the status of an official language.

- Language of any community that constitutes three (3) or more per cent of the total population in any municipality or has been traditionally spoken in a municipality can be used as a language in official use.
- In Prizren municipality, Turkish language has a status of an official language, as the traditional language.

Senior Capacity Development Officer

Duties and responsibilities of the capacity development component – Senior Capacity Development Officer

Through the Capacity Development Component of the Compliance Assurance Function, the Office shall review, evaluate and provide recommendations relating to the budget and human resources allocated for the implementation of the Law by institutions under its jurisdiction.

The Senior Capacity Development Officer shall ensure that the Office assists institutions under its jurisdiction to develop and employ adequate human resources to implement the Law. Human resources shall be understood to mean:

•    Qualified human resources who are specialized in providing translation services, including translators,
•    The staff of the public administration and their linguistic competencies in the official languages and languages of other communities of the Republic of Kosovo.
•    With reference to policies for the development of a pool of linguist lawyers and qualified professional translators and interpreters, the Senior Capacity Development Officer of the Office shall provide advice in relation to:
•    Pre-university and university curricula of schools and universities where linguist lawyers and professional interpreters and translators are formally trained and certified to exercise the profession;
•    In-service training for interpreters and translators who work in the public administration and in other institutions under the jurisdiction of the Office;
•    Systems and procedures to evaluate and ensure the quality of translation and interpretation services.interpreters and linguist lawyers; 4. With reference to the language skills of civil servants, the Senior Capacity Development Officer of the Office shall assist and advise educational and public administration authorities and institutions and policy makers regarding the following:
•    The development and implementation of curricula and courses to provide opportunities for learning both official languages to a sufficient number of students;
•    The provision of in-service training, professional courses and incentives to strengthen language skills in both official languages for civil servants. 


Gentiana Mahmuti - Senior Capacity Development Officer

Nr. 038 200 14 449


[email protected]