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Quick Facts

- Official Languages in Kosovo are Albanian and Serbian.

- Language of any community that constitutes five (5) per cent of the total population in any municipality will have the status of an official language.

- Language of any community that constitutes three (3) or more per cent of the total population in any municipality or has been traditionally spoken in a municipality can be used as a language in official use.
- In Prizren municipality, Turkish language has a status of an official language, as the traditional language.

Language policy network

• The designated focal points on the use of languages and the language assistants included in the roster of language assistants constitute the Language Policy Network.

• In each institution under the jurisdiction of the Office, including municipalities, the focal   point on the use of languages cooperate with the Office to ensure that the respective  institution complies with its language policy obligations and that all staff of  the   institution is made aware of such obligations.

• The Language Policy Network and the Office coordinate with responsible Institutions the development and implementation of in-service training and Professional development programs for language assistants registered in the Roster of language assistants.

• Where necessary for a specific task under its mandate, and subject to approval of the employing institution, the Office may request the assistance of one or more language   assistants registered in the roster. The Office shall send a request for assistance to the   member institutions and organizations of the Language Policy Network, which shall duly review the request and inform the Office of the arrangements for the provision of the  requested assistance.