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Quick Facts

- Official Languages in Kosovo are Albanian and Serbian.

- Language of any community that constitutes five (5) per cent of the total population in any municipality will have the status of an official language.

- Language of any community that constitutes three (3) or more per cent of the total population in any municipality or has been traditionally spoken in a municipality can be used as a language in official use.
- In Prizren municipality, Turkish language has a status of an official language, as the traditional language.

Workshop with officials of Gjilan region municipalities to discuss challenges and difficulties in implementing the language rights


21 June 2018

The Office of Language Commissioner (OLC), in cooperation with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Mission to Kosovo, organized the workshop with network members from Gjilan region municipalities in order to discuss modes foreseen by OLC for improving the implementation of language rights in municipalities.
The workshop was aimed at discussing with contacting persons of the Language Policy Network the challenges and difficulties for completing the questionnaire (monitoring mean), as a new monitoring system for the implementation of the Law on the Use Languages, as well as introduction of “Guideline on the Role and Functioning of the Language Policy Network” as manner for easier cooperation between OLC and institutions.

The coordinator for ensuring implementation, Safete Graiçevci, reiterated that the Law on the Use Languages at the municipal level is partly implemented. It has been reflected for a long time in finding various modalities on how to improve and respect the language rights in municipalities. The monitoring mean and the Guideline are objective of the Office in view of significant and ongoing improvement in the field of language rights, stated Safete Graiçevci.
During the workshop, the network members have been provided with detailed instructions on how to complete questionnaires in order to avoid mistakes, so the provided statement is accurate and correct during the processing.

The Language Policy Network was established with Government Regulation No. 07/2012 Articles 5 and 15 issued by the Government of Kosovo on 4 April 2012. Its goal is to ensure that all institutions in Kosovo act in compliance with obligations of language policy and that all staff in the institutions in Kosovo is informed of such obligations.


The Office of the Language Commissioner was established in April 2012 under the Office of the Prime Minister, in accordance with Regulation No. 07/2012. The Office is mandated to oversee implementation of the Law on the Use of Language, work with institutions to engance law implementation and promote and protect the right to use the language of all communities in Kosovo.